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About Products

PK Cares in collaboration with Velpeau supplies products that focus on
orthopaedic reconstruction, rehabilitation, joint reconstruction support and other recreational products.

Our products can be utilized to treat patients with acute or traumatic conditions,
to support patients with chronic conditions and for recreational and fitness activities in accordance with advise from medical professionals.

The aim is to increase strength, balance and ability to move through group orthopaedic education and exercise sessions.

Our product will support and assist you for a speedy recovery and return to what you love doing.





Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a world leader in quality medical devices & advanced hygiene products, from classic bandages to the most modern care & therapeutic systems. The companies Lohmann (1851) & Rauscher (1899) gave birth in 1998 to L&R group has more than 160 years of experience.
L&R offers its customers & users innovative products, solutions & services through its distribution networks: “hospitals – clinics” & “cities” made up of fully trained medical representatives who are attentive to their contacts.
Facilitating medical care for healthcare personnel by making the healing process as comfortable & short as possible for the patient: this is the vocation of L&R.


Velpeau, a brand under Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R), has been taking care of serious injuries and small scratches since 1890.
But this year, the company committed to improving its image with a new campaign and a new slogan.
Plasters and dressings have thus made way for babies, seniors, adults and teenagers in an innovative and dynamic approach, offering the image of a brand that certainly does not show its 128 years of age!
A way to establish itself even more firmly in the lives of its clients and to assert its ethos:


About Us

P.K. Plastics International

P.K. Plastic International Private Limited, started it's jouney in 1994 as a trading house, dealing in Polymer Sectors, which were used in Engineering Industries, Electrical Appliamces, Stationary Products, Kitchenware, Packaging and Medical Equipment.
With aim to achieve profitable growth by providing wide range of raw materials according to customer's requirements...
The year 2012 added a new chapter for P.K. Plastics International Pvt. Ltd., they entered in health care segment. The vital role was to provide services to prominent hospitals widespread in India to carry on successful knee and hip replacement surgeries (Meril Life Science), Arthoscopy surgeries (Sironix).
P.K. Cares deals under Orthopaedic rehabilitation products to treat chronic conditions and for recreational and fitness activities on the advise of medical specialist.

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